About us

Creating Accessible & Inclusive theatre For All

About us

Head2Head Makes Theatre That Is Fully Accessible And Inclusive For All

Championing multi-sensory theatre since 2006  

Head2Head Sensory Theatre is a small charity with a big mission: to champion multi-sensory theatre experiences for individuals of all abilities. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or disability, should have the opportunity to enjoy and participate in the magic of theatre and film.

At Head2Head, we are proud to offer a wide range of immersive multi-sensory experiences tailored to meet the needs of children and young people with diverse disabilities, including Special Educational Needs (SEN), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), visual and hearing impairments, and complex health needs. Our Makaton trained professional actors and facilitators bring creativity and inclusivity to every performance, ensuring that everyone can fully engage and participate.

Our multi-sensory theatre experiences go beyond traditional performances. From stimulating live shows and pantomimes to interactive storytelling sessions, hands-on crafts, engaging videos, immersive experiences, and empowering drama workshops, there is something for everyone to enjoy and explore.

Located in the picturesque Drewshearne Barn in Oxted, Surrey, our venue is equipped with essential facilities to ensure a comfortable and accessible experience for all visitors. With amenities such as a Changing Places Toilet and Hygiene Room, Sensory Room, Cafe, and free onsite parking, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

In addition to our live performances and workshops, we are thrilled to offer a free YouTube learning channel. Here, you’ll find a collection of Makaton Friendly content, including our exciting new series – Sensory Squad. These resources extend the reach of our work, providing valuable educational and entertainment content to individuals beyond our physical locations.

At Head2Head Sensory Theatre, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating unforgettable experiences for individuals of all abilities. Join us on our mission to make theatre and film accessible and inclusive for everyone!

Anni’s story

Back in 2005, Anni met a young blind disabled man called David and drama was the only way he could access the world so she set up a not-for-profit company employing undergraduates as performers. Anni spent six weeks touring special needs units, rehearsing with students to perform in their school pantomime. The rest is history.

Founded in 2006, Head2Head Sensory Theatre has only one aim … to serve the special needs’ and disability community.

We do not seek fame and fortune.

We choose to work with small community centres and special needs schools where our audiences will find all the facilities they need to make them relaxed and comfortable.

Opening the doors to theatre work experience for young disabled students

In 2017 Head2Head launched its Work Experience Programme in theatre practice for students transitioning from special schools. Students with special needs are offered the opportunity to gain experience in life and social skills working on live and virtual productions. Find out more.

Accessing our shows online

In 2020, with touring suspended due to the global pandemic, our resourceful artistic team developed exciting new ways to bring our interactive activities into the homes of families in self-isolation because of their children’s vulnerability. The result … we are now reaching over 9,000 children and young people a week online throughout the U.K with our new YouTube learning channel.

Creating a new base for Surrey’s special needs’ community

Our dream is to develop a ‘first-of-its-kind’ permanent theatre base at Drewshearne Barn in Oxted, Surrey to help sustain and expand our activities. This new base will be especially designed for the special needs’ community offering young people with disabilities a safe place to drop in, meet up, learn new life skills and share experiences.

You can support us via regular giving, donations or fundraising. Click here to show us your support by commenting on our latest appeal.

Changing Places Accessible Toilet & Hygiene Room

Did you know we have a secret throne at our headquarters in Oxted?

Yes, we now have a wheelchair-accessible hygiene room with a hoist, changing bed, wash/dry toilet, and adjustable height basin, which was kindly funded by Wooden Spoon Surrey in 2023.

This is officially a Changing Places Toilet.

So you could say our visitors and students are treated like royalty!

Our People

Anni Rhodes-Steere

Founder Member

Anni is the Founder member of Head2Head.  From 2006 she combined performing with running the charity’s admin.

She admits that the hardest thing about retiring from acting in 2017 was losing close contact with the children and their families.  However, she recognises that, as pro bono Administrator, she has undertaken a new, exciting and totally unscripted role.

Sara Cole


Sara has been working with us since 2007 as actor and creative director.

I was delighted to be appointed the company’s Artistic Director in 2017 and undertake the enjoyable process of writing the shows. In bringing stories to our audiences, there is always the challenge of finding new ways to engage with imaginations through text, sound and the senses. For me, there needs to be a correlation between the moment and the sense to support communication. By way of example, in our pantomime Snow White our heroine was given her name as a baby when she giggled as a snowflake tickled her nose. This moment was accompanied by wintery music and ice sprinkled over the audience’s hands: text – sound – sense – connection. But how do we continue to make these connections in the virtual world? In response to the COVID-19 crisis, and with our tour of ‘Come Trot to Camelot’ on hold, we filmed an adaptation of the show whilst in lockdown. Its reception has been extremely positive with viewers remarking how interactive, sensory and inclusive our work remains, despite no longer being a live medium. With the likelihood that touring is on hold for some time, this experience has led us to creating new ways to provide accessible and inclusive virtual entertainment. Watch this space!

Amy Rhodes


Amy graduated from Drama Centre London in 2008. She has enjoyed working with Head2Head for over 10 years undertaking many roles along the way.

Some of her favourites include Ratty (Toad on the Road 2014 & 2019) and Robin Hood (Robin Hood 2016). In addition to being an actor and workshop facilitator, Amy is also responsible for Research and Development. She is currently working on a History project due to be launched September 2020.

James MacLaren


Trained at The Oxford School of Drama.

Head2Head appearances: Aladdin, Peter Pan in a Pickle, Snow White, Toad on the Road, and Jack and the Beanstalk.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Young Shakespeare Company); Abe and Hans (Theatre 503); The Hound of the Baskervilles (radio) and Bohemian Rhapsody (film).

Erica Flint


Trained at Rose Bruford. Volunteer for Head2Head since 2010 and professional performer since 2017.

Erica is an actor, writer and director for Head2Head Sensory Theatre. She trained at Rose Bruford College in Actor-Musicianship and has a background in dance.

Stage credits include: Mab in Queen Mab, Swanhilde in Tale Trail to Coppelia and Eury / many other characters in Head2Head’s Odie’s Odd Odyssey!

Erica specialises in producing family shows for all disabilities.

With appearances in Alice’s Tea Party, Peter Pan in a Pickle, Toad on the Road and Come Trot to Camelot, Erica has adored her time with Head2Head so far. It has allowed her to learn not only about storytelling and performing, but communication skills and the ways in which these can be utilised to provide a wholly immersive experience.

Kate Harriss

Drama & Workshops Coordinator

Kate studied Theatre & Drama and Media and has worked for Head2Head Sensory Theatre since 2014.

Kate studied Musical Theatre at Mountview Academy of Theatre after studying Drama and Media at University.

She has worked in various mediums since then and has worked for Head2Head Sensory Theatre since 2014.

She performs in sensory shows, films and storytelling and now writes and facilitates the ‘My Money Mastered’ online workshops for young people with additional needs.

Ruth Spurr


Ruth is an actor, model and public speaker/motivational speaker where she shares her story on overcoming diversity.

Ruth grew up loving theatre and was part of an acting class from 7-17 and did regular shows at the Theatre Royal and productions in Norwich.
Ruth’s health unfortunately then deteriorated so she had to stop studying for a number of years but now stable she is enjoying getting back into what she loves and raising awareness for disability along the way. Ruth has loved joining the team at Head2Head and plays Rei in Sensory Squad. Ruth is 28 years old, a full time wheelchair user and lives with many complex health conditions but she does not let this stop her and actually uses this to her advantage to bring more diversity, inclusivity and awareness to the stage, theatre and tv. Ruth has done a number of modelling jobs, campaigns and is part of Zebedee talent as well as this she been part of short films with London Film Academy and been a supporting artist in tv shows like Killing Eve, 2020 film Misbehaviour and Disney productions including the new film production of Pinocchio in 2022.

Sarah Zachariades


Zebedee Management Talent & Model from West Sussex.

Single mother of 3 & full-time manual wheelchair user since the age of 10, due to Diplegia Cerebral Palsy from birth. Sarah has had TV Appearances & Volunteered with victim support. She also has some knowledge of British sign language.

Sally Phillips

Actress & Writer

“It’s a sad truth that very few of our theatres are easily accessible to those with physical disabilities. Even when the buildings themselves can accommodate them, the sensory overload of crowds and loud noises or the need to remain quiet make trips to the theatre impossible for many disabled children. Yet the need to dream, hear and tell tales about the world is just as intense. I’m delighted to be associated with Head2Head who have made it their mission to bring the theatre to those who cannot access it any other way.”

Samantha Renke

Actress & Disability Activist

A prominent figure and active disability rights campaigner, Sam is an accomplished actress, keynote speaker and equality / inclusion consultant. Sam has been an ambassador for Head2Head since early 2017.

Alex Manners

Neurodiversity and autism speaker, Asperger’s champion, presenter and author.

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was 10 years old and through my talks, videos, articles and other work I aim to inspire and educate people with my story. I also want to make stadiums, public transport and many other public environments more accessible for people with hidden disabilities.

I am delighted to be involved with such a fantastic organisation who also have the same ethos as myself. Many people with hidden disabilities, such as Asperger’s, can find going to the theatre a bit overwhelming. To know that Head2Head are working to make performances accessible for them is amazing and I look forward to helping them in their quest to make theatre accessible for everyone

Jules Robertson

Holby City Actor

As an actor on the spectrum playing Jason on a prime time BBC show, Holby City, I feel passionately that roles portraying people with autism should be played by actors who know what it feels like to be on the spectrum.

I love the way Head2Head Sensory Theatre makes live drama accessible to everyone irrespective of age or stage of development. I am amazed how they have achieved this with their virtual entertainment, making a treasure hunt game out of finding household items that can be used to make a filmed version of their show interactive, sensory and fun.

Terry Jones

Everyone connected with H2H was saddened at the death of Terry Jones, a Patron since inception, whose support and encouragement will be greatly missed. He had attended several performances and given permission for some of his children’s stories to be adapted into sensory shows.

Poignantly, a performance of his ‘Chicken Circus’ was being given to special schoolchildren as the news of his death was announced.

Chicken Circus Sensory Show was performed and nominated for an award at The Brighton Fringe 2023.