Our Patrons

The support network of our charity

Patrons and Trustees

Our Patrons and Board of Trustees are the support network of our charity

Our Support Network

Our Patrons and Board of Trustees are the support network of our charity.

They offer us their experience and skills in working with charities, their knowledge of funding opportunities and share the same passion and values about disability rights, accessibility and inclusion as we do.

Thank you to all the amazing people who have committed their time to help us and to those who continue to volunteer and contribute to Head2Head Sensory Theatre by donating money and expertise to creating theatre for ALL.

Without their support we would not be where we are today.

Sally Phillips

Multi – award winning British Actress, Comedian and producer

She is known for her work in the comedy television series I’m Alan Partridge, Jam and Jerusalem, Miranda, Taskmaster and Veep.

“It’s a sad truth that very few of our theatres are easily accessible to those with physical disabilities. Even when the buildings themselves can accommodate them, the sensory overload of crowds and loud noises or the need to remain quiet make trips to the theatre impossible for many disabled children. Yet the need to dream, hear and tell tales about the world is just as intense. I’m delighted to be associated with Head2Head who have made it their mission to bring the theatre to those who cannot access it any other way.”

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Samantha Renke

Actress, Broadcaster, Writer, Disability Rights Campaigner, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

A prominent figure and active disability rights campaigner, Sam is an accomplished actress, keynote speaker and equality / inclusion consultant. Sam has been an ambassador for Head2Head since early 2017.

Samantha has written a multitude of articles on what it is like to be disabled in a disabling world, as well as several socio-cultural criticisms on patronising attitudes, body image, bullying, LGBTQ+ issues, ableism and the financial and social costs of being disabled.

She was named third most influential disabled person in The Shaw Trust’s Power 100 list of 2020, nominated as Campaigner of the Year in the 2019 European Diversity Awards and shortlisted as Celebrity of the Year at the National Diversity Awards 2020.

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Alex Manners

Neurodiversity and Autism Speaker

“I was diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was 10 years old and through my talks, videos, articles and other work I aim to inspire and educate people with my story. I also want to make stadiums, public transport and many other public environments more accessible for people with hidden disabilities.

“I am delighted to be involved with such a fantastic organisation who also have the same ethos as myself. Many people with hidden disabilities, such as Asperger’s, can find going to the theatre a bit overwhelming. To know that Head2Head are working to make performances accessible for them is amazing and I look forward to helping them in their quest to make theatre accessible for everyone.”

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Jules Robertson

Holby City Actor

As an actor on the spectrum playing Jason on a prime time BBC show, Holby City, I feel passionately that roles portraying people with autism should be played by actors who know what it feels like to be on the spectrum.

I love the way Head2Head Sensory Theatre makes live drama accessible to everyone irrespective of age or stage of development. I am amazed how they have achieved this with their virtual entertainment, making a treasure hunt game out of finding household items that can be used to make a filmed version of their show interactive, sensory and fun.

Our Ambassadors

Georgia de Gidlow


Georgia is an actor who most recently played Keedie Darrow in A Kind Of Spark (BBC).

A Kind of Spark has captivated audiences with its inclusive nature, featuring autistic characters played by autistic actors. Georgia’s involvement in the show has further solidified her status as prodigious talent and an autism advocate.

As an Ambassador for Head2Head Sensory Theatre, Georgia lends her support to the charity’s mission of enriching the lives of young people who aspire to experience the joys of theatre and performing arts.

Her involvement in A Kind of Spark, a TV adaptation of Elle McNicoll’s incredible book about the adventures of an autistic girl, showcases the series’ commitment to inclusivity. Not only is the author autistic, but the actors playing the autistic main characters are also autistic, and a significant portion of the cast and crew are neurodivergent.

Join us as a trustee

Do you want to help make an impact on the lives of young people with disabilities? Volunteer as a Trustee for Head2Head Sensory Theatre.
We are looking for fun, influential and enthusiastic people to join our family of Trustees.  

We are currently looking for Trustees who love theatre or the arts or are in some way connected to SEN (Special Educational Needs) and disabilities community. 

Ready To Make A Difference?

Interested in applying to us as a Volunteer, Trustee or Ambassador? please contact us reception@h2hsensorytheatre.com