Five tips to help you understand money

There is a lot of talk about money management and the cost of living flying about. This can be confusing, scary and even, let’s face it, a bit boring!  Ahead of Head2Head Sensory Theatre’s new fun online money workshops our Drama and Workshop facilitator, Kate Harriss gives us five quick ways to help you get one step closer to becoming a savvy saver and a super spender! 

  1. Do little things that help you save each day – Put spare coins and notes in a decorated jar at the end of each day.  By the end of the month you will be able to see just how much you have saved up! 
  1. Keep on track – Take a photo of the items you buy, along with the price.  Try it for a week and then look back at how much you have spent.  You may be surprised how even the smallest purchases can add up! 
  1. Make a note – If you have bills to pay each month, or wages that are going to paid to you, write a note of them on a fridge calendar or your favourite notepad.  You will then know when they need to be paid, or even better, when the money will be going into your bank account! 
  1. Is what you want, actually what you need?  Have a think about items you have bought in the last month.  Did you really need them? Or did you just want them in that moment?  
  1. Join Head2Head Sensory Theatre’s ‘In for a Penny’ or ‘In for a Pound’ fun online money workshops. The workshops are designed to help young people with learning disabilities to explore and understand real life money experiences using games, dramatic scenarios and improvisation. The aim is that, at the end of the series, each young person will feel more confident about living independently and saving for the future.

About the fun online money workshops 

The fun online money workshops look at every day experiences such as, preparing to visit the shops, budgeting for things and saving.  

Kate says: “Understanding how money works is a very important life skill everyone should have access to. Young people with learning disabilities want to live independent lives and that means having confidence in their relationship with money.  

The series will include guidance on how to budget for known expenditure and how to prepare for unexpected costs.   

To book a course visit:

Head2Head Sensory Theatre is a special needs charity at the forefront of creating inclusive theatre opportunities for children and young people with a wide range of disabilities.     

Fun online money workshops are run by Head2Head Sensory Theatre. With special thanks to our funders: Aviva, Arnold Clark Foundation, Reigate & Banstead BC, Community Foundation for Surrey, Shanly Foundation.  

Course dates: 
In for a Penny: 6 – week course  

Tuesday 21st February at 6.30 – 28th March  

Thursday 23rd February at 10am – 30th March   

In for a Pound: 12 – week course 

Tuesday 21st February at 6.30 – 23rd May 

Thursday 23rd February at 10am – 25th May