Have your say for a new community space in Oxted

Have Your Say
Have Your Say

Our local theatre charity, based in Oxted has an amazing opportunity to access funding via Surrey County Council’s Your Fund Surrey.  

We want to create a new space for everyone in our community in Oxted, especially neighbouring residents and the families of children with learning difficulties and disabilities in Surrey.  

Our community is keen to use our building as a safe hub, providing social events, fitness classes, workshops and a free lending library. 

Please help us open this new space for the people of Oxted by having your say on the YourFund Surrey proposal page below. We need to collect 500 comments and only have 22 days to go!

All we ask is just a few minutes of your time to leave your comments on the Your Fund Surrey page. It’s FREE to help. Click below to visit the page and comment.


Thank you again for your continued support.