How to prepare your child for theatre experiences

Two actors pretending to be at the beach holding bucket and spade and crab

Talk about the show to prepare your child for the theatre experience

A great way to get your child prepared for a show is to talk to them in advance about the day out and what they might expect. Every Head2Head family theatre experience is accompanied by a free resource pack which includes Widgets to help communicate with children who find family day out experiences challenging. These work well with autistic and ASD children to help prepare them for in advance. A great opportunity to walk through the event and answer any concerns your child might raise ahead of the big event.

Book the right children’s theatre in Sussex for your child

We are often asked what age our events are suitable for. Whilst we prefer not to fix an age limit to our performances, we do suggest a guideline age and ‘style’ of show to help parents/carers understand what is expected. For example most of our sensory shows, like Chicken Circus, are seated performances. This means that participants are expected to be seated for most of the show even if actors do involve the audience and roam about. On the other hand our immersive experiences, like Tupi and The Rainforest, require mobility and encourage participants to move about. This could be more suitable for children that are more active. Head2Head Sensory Theatre’s performances are accessible to everyone no matter the age or ability.

Arrive in plenty of time for your family day out in Sussex 

There is nothing worse than missing the beginning of anything, especially a story or show. Arriving on time will prepare your child and make the whole experience calmer and manageable. Head2Head’s events take place in accessible venues only and offer parking facilities as well as access to toilets and chill out areas.

Prepare your child with videos from YouTube

FREE online resources

Show them an example of what they will be viewing. They say pictures speak a thousand words, videos are even more powerful to show your child what a show looks like. Head2Head’s YouTube learning channel offers buckets of Makaton-Friendly FREE online content for children with learning disabilities or special needs.

Anni Rhodes is a passionate actor and founder of Head2Head who creates magical theatre opportunities for thousands of disabled children, their families and schools around the world. Anni is on a mission to make theatre accessible to ALL.