Princess Esme* is a children’s story about a Princess looking to escape from the rigours of palace life by spending time in the palace garden strawberry patch.

Alice in a Sensory Wonderland* is a sensory retelling of the classic tale with lots and lots of scope for exploration of sensory wonders.

Dandelion* tells the remarkable life story of the Dandelion through sensory experiences.

Snow follows the journey of a snowflake as it falls from high in the air down onto the waiting tongue of a child.

Cocoon* has a wonderful balance of sensory experiences told through the life cycle of a butterfly.

The Woods* is told to a beat. Beat is absolutely fundamental to the development of communication and something everyone responds to. The story is about someone walking through a woodland who thinks they hear something behind them and begins to run, imagining what might be behind. Fear not, the story ends happily with a cup of tea.

Rock hoppers* is a fun tale about the goings on in the lives of Rockhopper penguins, each line of the story ends with a repeating word making it a great way to get young people telling the story.

The Birth of a Star* tells how stars are formed in stellar nurseries.

Boris the Bumble Bee is a children’s story about a bee who interrupts a family’s picnic. The accompanying activities give readers lots of ways of encouraging emerging communication.

Dream is a very intimate story intended to be read at bedtime by a parent to a child or young person at an early stage of development . Dream is accompanied by suggestions for sensory explorations.