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Come Trot
to Camelot

Can you
find Neverland?

Come Trot to Camelot – interactive video

An interactive video with Makaton signing and packed with signed songs and fun! Accompanied by a comprehensive advanced pack containing a widget storyline, activities, song lyrics and, most importantly, a list of all the items you will need to join in with the video.

Only £5


Can you find Neverland? – family adventure Game

A new, family adventure game to suit children and young people of all abilities.

…Where the mermaids splash, the fairies giggle and Peter and the lost boys go on daring adventures!  Head2Head is bringing you a brand new interactive adventure game to play in your own home, where you and your family become characters in the world of Peter Pan.  Together you will solve puzzles and riddles and carry out tasks in different parts of Neverland so you can return safely home after a magical adventure. 

The game is multi-layered to suit a wide range of abilities. It comes in the form of a printable PDF booklet which will act as the guide for your journey: it has things to cut out / colour-in, as well as suggestions of household objects to find and use throughout the experience. This is paired with a YouTube play-list on our channel, including crafting instructions, songs and some of your favourite characters.  

Now, get ready to fly: Peter can’t wait to meet you!

Only £5


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