What’s On for schools

Multi-sensory fun & immersive experiences for schools

What’s On For Schools

Multi-sensory fun & immersive experiences for schools

We are passionate about creating fun, stimulating and accessible sensory experiences for the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities community around the UK.

We have been working with some of the UK’s most influential special schools and organisations for over 20 years to bring immersive experiences and sensory shows for schools. These include The Childrens Trust, Chailey Heritage Foundation, Treloars, Post 19 and schools such as Jigsaw, Carew Academy, Sherwood Hill, Sherwood Park, Woodlands and Icknield to name a few.

Our Makaton trained professional actors and facilitators are highly specialised in working with children and young people with a wide range of disabilities including visual, hearing and sensory impairments, ASD, PMLD, SLD and complex health needs.

Captivating the senses using aromas, textures, sounds and activities every workshop and show is designed to bring young imaginations to life, enhance learning, encourage communication, build connections and develop emotional, behavioural and motor skills.

We offer a variety of playful and multi-sensory and immersive experiences which use visual, tactile and sound elements.

Our team’s experience means they can adjust their performance to suit an audience and so facilitate full enjoyment of the show and sensory moments.

All bookings will receive an resource pack to prepare students with Widgit storyline/songs & images of characters.

Our multi-sensory and immersive learning experiences are curriculum based flexible programmes with elements of the relevant subject matter:

  • Adjustable levels to suit the ages and needs of all participants (P Level 1 : National Curriculum 1/2)
  • Varied pace
  • Makaton signing and pre-recorded VOCAs
  • Time allowed for assimilation, and enjoyment of sensory moments
  • Tactile, sound and sensory experiences
  • Role play and team work
Sensory shows for schools
sensory theatre

How do our sensory shows for schools work?

Our team will visit your school for one day. Our visit will include:

  • Timed sessions (timing will vary depending on workshop or show chosen (including 30-minute breaks in-between sessions)
  • Participant numbers will vary per session dependent on accessibility and number of wheelchair users
  • A resource pack. This will prepare participants with Widgit storyline/songs & images of characters
  • Set up/scenery, props and instruments

Please note: some installations may take up to 90 minutes to set up. We will require use of a space large enough to set up and for participants to move around. This must be allocated to our team for exclusive use the whole day.

We understand that every school and every student is different. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are always open to new ideas and are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

For more information on the availability of sensory shows for schools please contact admin@h2hsensorytheatre.com or contact us +44 01372278021

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