Youngest fundraiser takes part in StepUp challenge

Dylan Thackwell from Epsom is one of Head2Head’s
youngest fundraisers.

11 year old Dylan Thackwell from Epsom, Surrey has become one of our youngest local fundraising heroes to take part in our charity fundraising challenge StepUp4H2H.   

The Harry Potter fan rallied up family and friends, overcame muddy terrains and successfully cycled his way to raising £600 to support our work for the special needs community. 

We interviewed Dylan about what made him spend his half term holiday fundraising for us and how he got on.  

What inspired you to take part in charity fundraising and the StepUp challenge for Head2Head Sensory Theatre?  

“My mum showed me the footage of one of the sensory shows and explained that you are trying to raise money for your very own base. I love drama and I know how much the children of Surrey would love to experience more of your shows so I decided to get to it. 

What was your target distance?  

“I wanted to complete 50 miles cycling over the half term. 

What were the results and how long did it take you to complete it all?  

“I completed the challenge and my total mileage was 61. 

Young Dylan rallied up family and friends and cycled his way to £600 to support our work for the special needs community. 

Why did you choose to cycle as a challenge?  

“I have been on a bike since I was a toddler and cycling to school since I was 5 so it is very natural to me.  

Who helped you complete the challenge?  

“My dad helped set most of the routes and I had different friends and family join me on different days to encourage me. 

What was the most challenging part of the challenge?  

“Cycling in the rain on a muddy common – we had to get off and walk at one point and we got covered in mud! 

Finally, it is almost World Book Day so what is your favourite book and why?

“I love Harry Potter, I love the magical wizarding world and the great imaginative storylines.  

To become a hero fundraiser like Dylan sign up to our StepUp challenge today and begin fundraising. It’s never too late to make a change.

A huge thumbs up to Dylan and his family!